Marzipan figurines

I thought it would be fun to try to work with marzipan for a change. On this page I'll show you what I made from this edible 'clay'. :-)
These birdies are in Dinko Tilov's "Birds with teeth" style. The yellow is fondant, all the rest is marzipan. The birds are about 1.2 inches tall.
I made this fantasy head of fondant, the eyes are marzipan.
I added the hair with yellow fondant, the colour on the cheeks and lips was made of thin slices of marzipan. Click picture to zoom in.This head is about 1.5 inches big.
Making roses with really thin leaves is not that easy with marzipan, my first 3 attempts.
This piggy is 2 inches big, made of marzipan.
"Please don't eat me!"
This happy mouse is 2 inches big, made of marzipan
Beaker from The Muppets is 3 inches, made of marzipan.
"meep meep meep!"
Statler and Waldorf from The Muppets are about 2 inches, made of marzipan.
Carl from the movie UP is 2 inches, made of marzipan.